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  • Erin Lee

The Power of SALT in a World of Wellness Offerings

I’m not sure I know anyone who wouldn’t like to be healthier, stay healthier or recover quicker! Do you?

In a world where emphasis is being put on health and wellbeing, it can be difficult to not only navigate all the options out there, but to commit to them long-term moving forward.

There are always fads and trends that go as quickly as they arrived! There is no magic answer to what is right or wrong, however there are some therapies that have been around a lot longer than others, are still going strong and offer multiple benefits.

One such therapy is Halotherapy. The power of salt has been recognised for centuries, but sadly the true benefits are still widely unknown to many.

Take the Egyptians for example back in 300BC, they learnt to preserve fish, meat and even the dead with salt!

In the 12th century, people in Poland were urged to bathe in mineral waters due to its therapeutic benefits.

Salt was even once as valuable as gold!

Now in more modern times (well since the 1830’s when the cholera pandemic swept across Europe) salt is used every single day in the medical world as Saline.

I’m pretty sure most people have used a salt water gargle or saline spray to help alleviate cold symptoms over the years. If you haven’t, then you should!

Did you know that salt is anti-bacterial? A recent paper was produced by Scientific Reports in January 2021, detailing how there was a 99.9% reduction of bacteria / pathogens at the 2-minute marker when put on a salt surface! Further studies are currently being carried out on Sars-Cov2 by the University of Alberta with results to be released shortly.

Salt is also anti-inflammatory and when inhaled in dry minaturised particles, can reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract, widening the airway passages, aiding transport of mucus, elimination of tar and foreign allergens, and assisting in an overall improved immune system, better breathing and faster recovery.

Here is another example I’m sure many of you can relate to. Let’s take a visit to the seaside! Who notices they feel better, healthier and maybe even be able to breathe better? We normally sleep better too after a day by the sea.

This isn’t just the fresh sea air, but the negative ions that are present.

Look out for my next blog/article about Negative Ions produced by Halotherapy and how beneficial they are to our wellness. You will be amazed!

Halotherapy can be a great addition to any business model including gyms, beauty salons, day spas, recovery centers, training facilities and more. Being a touchless treatment and requiring little training, the ROI can be very quick too!

If you fancy finding out more about Halotherapy or are thinking about incorporating it into your business, then get in touch with me or

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